How to dim a table lamp

One of the most useful and well-used things that I own is a Lutron Solina lamp dimmer

It’s pretty standard nowadays to have wall and ceiling lights fitted with a dimmer, but this doesn’t really help if, like me, you rely almost entirely on table and floor lamps to light your living areas.

The Solina lamp dimmer is a genius and indispensable invention that allows you switch from using your lamp as a reading light, to a background ambient light at the press of a button.  No more having to change the lightbulb to create a different ambience (something which I have been known to do).

As well as using the dimmer to set the brightness level of the lamp, you can also use it to set the speed at which the light turns on and off.  The absolute best place to use this function is with the lamp on your bedside table.

You can set the dimmer so that the lamp turns on and off slowly and gradually.  This creates a fabulous, gentle awakening in the morning.  No more eyes blinking like a mole forced above ground when you turn on your light full blast in the morning, wondering slightly dazed what the hell is going on (or perhaps that’s just me).

Installation couldn’t be easier, just plug your lamp into the Solina socket, plug the Solina into the wall and you’re good to go – no wiring required.  A much easier and less-restrictive option that wiring all your lamps to a five-amp circuit.

At £30, these are not cheap, but based on cost-per-use, I estimate mine has cost me two pence a day and so is great value for money.  The Solina lamp dimmer comes in black and white and can be bought from Mr Resistor (great name for a website).

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  1. Oh the irony! I work for the company that designs and sells Lutron. I’ll forward this to the marketing department if you’re OK with that!

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