The end of a stressful week

Boy am I glad this week is nearly over. What with my first big deadline at work and many futile attempts to assemble my outfit for my brother’s wedding, I’ve been pretty close to meltdown.

Getting the dress was easy, I found it on my first expedition. But co-ordinating the jewellery, shoes and jacket/wrap/cardigan has been an unmitigated nightmare. This sort of shopping is just not fun and it’s made worse by the fact that, because it’s a family wedding, whatever I wear will taunt me photographically for many years to come.

I’ve found lots of lovely things but they don’t look right with the dress, they don’t have my size, or they’re just too expensive. It’s so utterly frustrating. I’ve ordered and returned so many items in the last couple of weeks that I’ve probably spent enough on postage to buy the £1,700 Mui Mui clutch that would look so perfect. Sniff. I’m pretty much keeping DHL and UPS in business but the upside is that I have now built up a rather nice collection of those beautiful Ann Muir marbled boxes that Matches send their goods in (I use these to store all my drawing equipment).

{Matches packaging, photos from ALovelyPackage}

Tonight I’m off to Selfishes to buy some shoes. I’ve narrowed it down to four pairs that all meet my new requirement of being no more than four inches high and being wide enough to suspend my door stop feet in comfort. Thank you all so much for giving me your opinions yesterday, the consensus seems to be that the peter pan necklaces are a definite ‘no’ but Erin, the lovely internet squirrel, came up trumps with a necklace from J.Crew so I’ve ordered a couple of alternatives to try. So hopefully I’m nearly there and then I can stop thinking about bloody clothes all the time.

I feel like my blog has been a little off this week as I’ve been so distracted and I know I must be boring you all stupid with this shopping-related drivel (I’m sorry!) but I guess blogging is really writing about what’s in your head, and there is room for nothing else in mine at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be back to my erudite, articulate self next week. Ahem.

This week hasn’t all been bad. On Wednesday I went for dinner at Loch Fyne in Chelmsford with Sam Lennie who is properly lovely and great fun. Incredibly for March we were able to eat outside with no coats on. The restaurant has a really lovely terrace with rather hilariously overlooks the high street car park and the back of Debenhams. It’s not a very salubrious view but if you close your eyes you can just about imagine you are on the Riviera.

I also managed to design a home cinema storage unit for my coursework. You’d think this was easy task, add an aperture for the TV and a few shelves for the DVDs, but no. I’m now intimately acquainted with the dimensions of DVD boxes, Sky+ boxes and Apple TVs and can tell you how high your TV should be hung and at what difference from your sofa. I nearly forgot to add a kickboard below the bottom drawer which would have been disastrous and then I got flummoxed about how the hell the doors can open when drawers are out. And other annoying problems like that. But I love nothing more than a bit of a logic puzzle and so I got there in the end though and am pretty chuffed with result (pictures later).

Oh and this week I’ve re-discovered Soft Cell’s album Tainted Love. I’d totally forgotten how good this album is. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye is one of my all time favourite songs. This album brings back fun memories of being thirteen, when life was a lot simpler and as long as I was dressed like Bananarama all was right in my world.

How’s your week been lovelies?

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  1. Argh. It is SO hard to find clothes for stuff like that isn’t it? Even if you aren’t going to be in all the pics…I find dressing for events *so* tricky. You’re smart to plan ahead, at least…I always save it to the last minute and get into a total panic. I hope you’ll post some pictures of the finished product.

    But congrats on your course work and finishing your deadline at work…sounds like you have a well-deserved weekend ahead!

    I’m totally ready for the weekend too. xo

  2. Don’t worry, I haven’t felt any “off”-ness about your blog this week, honest. I think we tend to be harder on ourselves than is fair, and certainly more so than anyone else will. We’re our own worst critics. But the “shopping-related drivel” is actually my specialty, so I enjoyed helping hunt down some necklaces for you! I bet you’ll look smashing at the wedding and I can’t wait to see pictures.

    I’m so jealous you and Sam had dinner!! I wish I could have been there to crash your meal and grin wildly at both of you lovely ladies.

    And you’re going to totally judge me for this, but the only version of “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” I know is the David Gray version. And I love it. In fact, his whole album is great. Eek, I’m waiting for the harsh response to that! Hahah.
    Have a great weekend, darling!! xo

    • You were a star, thank you. Fingers crossed it’s as nice as it looks in real life.

      No judgement, you’re too young to remember the original so I’ll let that one go :) And anyway, I didn’t realise How Deep is Your Love was by the Bee Gees and not Take That for ages!

      Not the first time I’ve wished that you weren’t so darn far away!

  3. Isn’t it funny that as soon as your attention is pulled elsewhere, you feel as though something else in your life suffers for it? If only every single thing in our life could receive our 100%, undivided attention, that would be perfect. Like Erin, I haven’t felt the “off”-ness. So, no harm, no foul.

    I can’t wait to see what shoes you end up buying. I really think the shoe is going to help anchor everything, bring it all together. It really is like putting a little puzzle together, isn’t it?

    Sam Lennie, Annie Bird, drinks – sounds like a great time! And, congrats on getting another portion of your studies complete.

    Now, you’re listening to 80′s music too! Look what you started, Erin. I think in honor of you two, I will need to pick an 80′s song for Monday. (I think I have the perfect one…)

    Have a great weekend!! xx

  4. Are you lying down comfortably?
    Then let us begin.

    My, you’ve been a busy little [Annie] bee, haven’t you? When DO you sleep, I wonder? :O

    “Don’t worry, I haven’t felt any “off”-ness about your blog this week, honest.”
    Ummmm ……… me neither, honey – cut yourself some slack! :D

    Sorry I wasn’t here to weigh in on the Peter Pan collar debate yesterday! I must say, I’m surprised – nay shocked! – that they got a “definite no”. I think the only thing better than a detachable collar is a necklace shaped like one or a “bib/statement necklace” as they’re called – they transform the simplest garments so profoundly. I’m happy Erin found you some great possibilities, though. :)

    I’ve only ever had to shop for a wedding outfit once (besides mine!) and it absolutely galled me but I was 5 months pregnant so hey-ho.

    Glad to hear you had a lovely afternoon with Sam! It’s always lovely to put the voices to the people we’ve been chatting to online for so long – I’ve been fantasizing about what Erin/Lauren/Theresa will sound like when we finally meet!!! :D

    Have a positively chilled out weekend! xxx

    • Hee hee I think you know the answer to my sleeping habits now from your blog! ;)

      Yes well I know you have a rather lovely gold sequined collar, I think pull it off in a way I just can’t though to be honest! Seriously you’ve only ever been to one wedding?? I’ve been to hundreds! Well not literally but lots.

      Alt 2012! think we should all be aiming for that :)

      • “Yes well I know you have a rather lovely gold sequined collar, I think pull it off in a way I just can’t though to be honest!”
        Aren’t you sweet? :D

        “Seriously you’ve only ever been to one wedding?? I’ve been to hundreds! Well not literally but lots.”
        So have I.
        I meant I’ve only had to buy an outfit specifically for a wedding once. :)

  5. I am truly exhausted from a marathon-like week. Can’t really complain as it all went like clockwork and all is well in Tinaland!

    Weddings are stressful. Full stop. Family weddings are usually more stressful. I am sure you’ll look gorgeous in your dress and how can one not find the perfect shoes in Selfridges super duper shoe emporium. I’ve been looking online for some wedges and think might go there too…

    Yeepeee to meeting Sam. Hope you took notes on turning 40. Richard will have to match that incredible weekend she had:) Did you say nice things about us????

    Well done on your course project. I went through exactly the same thing when I designed my flat. The TV and stereo thing took me a month to get right. All about the measurements and, in my case, infrared stuff. Am probably bit of an expert now.

    Have a restful but jolly weekend.

    Hopefully when you wake up you’ll have moved from…don’t worry about your blog. It’s like us women when we have our periods. Grouchy, cranky, moody, yet still very loveable. Same thing with

    • Hey there’s a place in Kent called ‘Anniesland’. I love that! Obviously.

      Ugh you’re so right. And yes, family weddings are more stressful for sure.

      Well you say that about Selfridges shoe department but I’m not joking it’s almost impossible to find a pair of heels that are not 5 inches tall. I refuse to buy those anymore but there are so few designers that make smaller heels in anything other than black court shoes. Yuk. It’s very frustrating.

      Nope. Me and Sim b*tched about you lot all night long hee hee.

      I can’t believe you just compared my blog to a period. It’s very offended by that!

  6. Hope your shoe-shopping expedition was successful! I’m sure no matter what you wear, you will have a great time! I really love that Miu Miu clutch too – the fact that it is more expensive than most of their larger handbags is so crazy- if we just wait a month or two, I’m sure we can find something similar at a reasonable price! Thank you for sharing those lovely marbleized boxes with us – they are so lovely!

  7. Ladies and a few gents…. it’s back to normal. You can leave comments with your usual email addresses. No more login to WordPress. YEAH!

  8. Thank you lovelies for all your supportive comments and thank you so much for sticking by me with all this commenting nightmare. I’m now off so that gravatar has gone so you should have no further problems. please let me know if you do.

    I’m not going to moan here about cavalier and nonchalant attitude WordPress had towards this. They’ve behaved inreally insenstively and just added a note to a forum saying ‘oh yeah we had a bug but we’ve fixed it. oops’. No understanding of how much stress this has cause so many people. So bye bye WordPress!

  9. Hey Annie, apologies for being late to this party but it was lovely to finally meet up last week, despite your rubbish steak. You may have been busy and stressed but you managed to carry it off with calmness and coolness and other ‘nesses’ :-) And thank you for the wee mention too *profuse blushing* you are a sweetie and indeed lovely too.

    Now to the wedding attire, the dress is beautiful, you’ll look amazing and can’t wait to see the chosen shoes. And I must agree with the others about the collar. A defo no-no if you are leaving your hair down, but if it’s up and it was me purchasing, it would have to be the gold one. Wierd dress sense, I know!

    AND those Ann Muir boxes are divine, no wonder you keep buying.

    Sam x

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