Vintage accessories & some peaks at our flat

Because we are finding it so hard to find a flat to buy, Richard and I have decided to spend some small amounts of money on making our place nicer. We have allocated a set amount of money a month and I have carte blanche to spend this allowance how I please. Which is of course hugely exciting. And we are saving and planning for some bigger things such as rugs.

And so it was that on Saturday afternoon that we had a little bit of fun running riot in the Liberty vintage department (I know it’s overpriced but it’s convenient and we were in the mood). We bought a few little accessories that have cheered up our flat and added some extra layers.

I have resolved to spend some more time on our flat and devote the energy needed to make it a more enjoyable home for us for the next year (or hopefully less) until we find somewhere to buy. So I spent Sunday afternoon moving, arranging, re-arranging and tweaking.

My Blogging Your Way homework has made me realise that I want to start showing a little more of our home and so here are a few snippets for now.

A vintage medical bottle with a lovely glass stopper that is now in our bathroom. I’m thinking of filling this with bubble bath.

Taking note of Gemma Ahern’s advice to buy a couple of stems of a nice flower than a whole bunch of something not so good. (This is stock which we got at Wild at Heart at Liberty.)

Our new coat hooks and an old urn I rescued from the balcony to re-use as an umbrella stand.

An old fashioned 4lb weight which is now a doorstop. (Excuse grubby carpet)

Rusty old garden accessories that are happily sitting on the balcony.

My Paul Smith Birdy Blossom cushion that cost so much money that I spent a month furiously selling clothes on eBay to raise the money to buy it. I saw it in Sex & The City 2 in Carrie & Big’s apartment and fell in love.

When I moved into Richard’s I had very little in the way of possessions and nor did he, for entirely different reasons. We have both spent a lot of time editing what we had and are just now staring to buy some new things that we both love to fill the gaps. Creating a home takes time and it is a slow process. You just have to build up your possession one by one and one’s home only gets better by concentrating on it and giving it the due care and attention it deserves.

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  1. Oh yay! Claps hands in glee! I love seeing glimpses of your home! Hooray! You are so smart to love where you’re living *right now* even as you’re working toward something else. It’ll help you refine what you want in your permanent home in the long run. And sometimes rearranging can give you such a boost! This summer, I’m really looking forward to doing some posts on our home. I really love it here, but it’s gotten away from me a bit this winter. Even though I’ve been here every day, I haven’t really been present, and I don’t like that. But seeing your home, now that’s inspiring! xo
    Lauren recently posted..season’s end {still}My Profile

    • Thank you sweetie. I did sort of write that post for you! I can’t wait to see more of your home and I know exactly what you mean about being present in your home. I seem to be either exhausted, asleep or working when I’m there. I don’t feel like I get much time to appreciate it.

  2. How lovely – I think its a great idea to work with what you have,while you wait to buy. It will help refine your already marvellous taste! I do like the Nitroglycerine bottle – I’m sure Sherlock Holmes would have this in his bathroom, and that cushion is beautiful. Well worth flogging half your wardrobe for, I’d say. Look forward to seeing more of your finds!

    • It is really Sherlock Holmes isn’t it? I hadn’t thought of that. A bit Dr Jeckyll too! Thank you, I think you’re right as I can’t even remember most of the items I sold whereas I will hopefully have this forever.

  3. Oh I’m so happy to see little bits of your flat! I’m glad you sourced that pillow for me, I noticed it in the background of a photo you posted for R’s birthday and it caught my eye. LOVE that you found it because of SATC, that’s so funny. I love all the little details you chose! I totally agree with you about making a house a home by collecting individual pieces over time. Funnily enough my post is on something really similar! J had a totally bare bachelor pad when I moved in and we’ve been slowly working to make it the house we both want. It’s tough! It doesn’t happen overnight and that can be frustrating.

    Also, I totally just bought a zinc plater to use as an umbrella stand. Why are decent umbrella stands so hard to find??

    • Can’t believe we wrote the same post today. How funny!

      See first photo here:

      You have no idea how long it took me to track it down. No Internet squirrel in 2010! And I also have that Agent Provocateur robe so I am totally rocking Carrie! x

  4. I love seeing your pad too, makes for interesting oogling! I bet that bottle was spendy… nice though :-) the Birdy cushion feels very Libertyesque too. Show us more, we want more! It’s true that creating a lovely home takes lots of time, as I say, it just evolves and grows, things change, we change and it is all reflected in our interiors. I think it’s much more rewarding than buying clothes for example. I love that the Ahernia effect is rubbing off on you too, we are all obsessed! xxx
    Sam Lennie recently posted..Conservatorium Hotel, AmsterdamMy Profile

    • We are obsessed! Bottle wasn’t very spendy actually. That’s all your getting for the moment until I sort some more bits out! X

  5. loving these snippets annie… & i love that you spent more on your birdy cushion than i spent on my first car (or last car for that matter)… but i’d much rather splurge on one thing i adore than have 20 things i’m only so-so about (come to think of it, wish i’d remember that lesson more often when i’m shopping!)… i adore that cushion (birds and flowers appear in equal measure in my home… as do apothecary jars & diptyque candles for that matter)… enjoy your new purchases… (oh, and i want to steal that scarf you have hanging up too!) ;)
    sue recently posted..finding inspiration {chevron}…My Profile

  6. These are amazing pieces because they mean something to you. We flipped between buying or renting and then finally decided that it was silly to buy since we’re not permanent residents here. Meanwhile, all the little bits and bobs that I’d picked up during my travels are stored in a chest. *sigh* A decent flat is so hard (to rent or buy) to find here as the demand is so great.
    chocolatecookiesandcandies recently posted..1 Whole Chicken 4 MealsMy Profile

  7. It’s so nice to see little snippets of your home. I like how you’re taking your time and adding layers as you go, and (it goes without saying) that the pieces you’ve selected are beautiful. It would certainly be nice to decorate a home in one pop – go run out and buy everything you need/want. Darn, budget constraints! However, there is something about decorating a home over time that gives it a nice, collected feel. I favor this approach.
    We moved into our house last August and I remember having this fire in me to decorate. It has since petered out. Your post is giving me a renewed energy. (I better start selling some stuff!) ;)
    Theresa / inspirationCOOP recently posted..{two sisters: j.crew + madewell…}My Profile

  8. ahhh Liberty’s is bliss isn’t it? So lovely to have a rummage. They seem to have closed the Svensk Tenn concession – which is a shame. It’s lovely seeing your home on here and it adds a nice dimension to your wonderful posts. I’m up to my eyes in builders/decorators/scaffolding at the moment and its all this “nesting” gene kicking in. I’d rather be spending my money on lovely things from liberty than on new sash windows though :)
    Mary Middleton Design (@Peagreen98) recently posted..Totally glossy {what are your walls wearing?}My Profile

    • Thanks Mary, that’s so nice of you! I guess that’s the good thing about renting, is that we at least can spend our money on the fun stuff and not the structural. x

  9. great! i love it. the byw class has inspired me to do the same. i’m working on getting some photos together. i need more time in the day to do it all! thanks for sharing. i’m happy to see more! Teri
    Teri recently posted..Sweet ThingsMy Profile

  10. i love seeing pieces of your home and life. annie, you have a beautiful aesthetic, enjoy layering your home. enjoying where you are at this moment is a great lesson. i love your birdie cushion, quality over quantity my love xxx
    leah of sang the bird recently posted..{this moment}My Profile

  11. What a fab little snippet into your home, can’t wait to see more!! I think it’s a great idea to make the most of where you are, and save a little each month to treat your flat :)

    Love all your new finds, the apothecary bottle is a novel way to store your bubble bath, lets hope there isn’t any nitroglycerin left in it ;) However, my favourite has to be the birdie cushion, it’s gorgeous and has a lovely story behind it.

    The best bit is that you can take it all with you when you find your dream home xx
    Kelly Sparkes recently posted..KLC Open Learning Module 2My Profile

  12. What lovely little additions. It’s true, it takes time to make a house a home and slow does it best!!

    Glad you’re both enjoying this little adventure and GREAT that you have ‘carte blanche’ x
    tina recently côte d’azurMy Profile

  13. Thanks for letting us take a peak into your apartment! Love the pillow with the birds on it and the nitroglycerin bottle. Always like to look at old bottles on flea markets but have never bought one, which I should change. I feel if someone builds their home slowly it will develop more personality than if someone just goes out and puts it together in a hurry…If that makes sense…
    Nina recently posted..week twenty fourMy Profile

    • Totally makes sense Nina, just takes so long doesn’t it? I think you should start collecting old bottles too :)

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