About our wedding day

Our wedding day was the best day of my life.  It may seem like an obvious observation, but it really, really was. It was emotional, meaningful and above all it was fun and joyful. I would do it all over again tomorrow if I could.

It’s probably evident by now that I am not one of those brides who has had her wedding stored in her head for many years, all the details sat there patiently waiting for a groom to materialise. In fact I had no idea at all how I wanted my wedding to be, except that it would probably be very English and that I would dispense with the wedding circus and have something a little more traditional and relaxed.

I am both fortunate and unfortunate in that I married a man who has opinions and prejudices equally as strong as mine. We organised our wedding in  ten weeks and we decided every detail together. Ultimately the only thing we disagreed about was wedding favours – I’m inclined now to say that he was right in his opinion that they are superfluous and pointless. I feel that our wedding genuinely represented both of us as individuals and reflected the best of our relationship. I think that it was understated and elegant, glamorous and a little bit reassuringly shabby around the edges.


We walked down the aisle together to the atmospheric and beautiful Caliban’s Dream by Underworld (the song played as the cauldron was lit at the Olympics opening ceremony). When one of my best friends later told me that she started crying as soon as she recognised it I knew we’d got it right. Entering the room together was an inexplicably controversial decision but I wouldn’t trade for anything the three minutes and forty seven seconds that we stood outside the door to the ceremony room waiting for the right point in in the track to make our entrance. I’m so glad we got to share that private moment with each other, the tingles of anticipation that we both felt, the excitement and our emotions bubbling over.

I didn’t really expect to enjoy our ceremony, I viewed it as the scary, serious legal bit to get over with. A few people had told me that I would start enjoying my wedding as soon as I had a drink in hand after the ceremony was over but it turned out that it was my favourite part of the entire day. Saying our vows wasn’t daunting in the slightest and what I remember most strongly is laughing, giggling, grinning from ear to ear and larking about. It was genuinely brilliant fun.

Instead of readings, Richard’s eldest son Arthur and my dear friend and bridesmaid Rozzy both wrote poems especially for our wedding. We unbelievably touched by this thoughtfulness and effort. We signed the register to David Bowie’s Oh You Pretty Things, Neil Young’s Harvest Moon and Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, songs we both we love. We put together an entire playlist for our ceremony from the best of our iPods and we’ve been listening to it a lot since and it’s so lovely to be transported back to that time in an instant and re-experience all the emotions that we were feeling.


After the ceremony we had champagne and cake and we celebrated. Richard and I had our photos taken under the York & Albany awning rather than in the daffodil strewn Regents Park as planned, what with it snowing all day in our supposed spring wedding. This gave us a little bit of respite, a few minutes alone where we could just be with other and let what we had just done sink in.

In the evening we had cocktails followed by dinner around one long table for twenty six of our closest friends and family. My only regret is that I couldn’t have all of my friends there and it felt a little like half of them were missing. The effort that our guests went to in order to be with us was extraordinary and it made us feel very loved.

I don’t think either of us really expected to feel different after getting married – it’s something we felt we wanted to do for reasons particular to us – but so far it seems to have changed everything. It’s so very nice to wake up each day and realize that I have someone to share my life with and that it’s no longer impermanent. We have spent much of the time since our wedding making plans and talking about what we want for the future. I know it’s a cliche but it feels now that we have one life rather than two and there is something incredibly stabilising in that, something I’ve never had before.

So far it is by leaps and bounds the best decision I ever made. I will share more details about the wedding as I get more photos (these are just a few Facebook uploads). I am missing my wedding terribly – I can’t believe it was only just over a week ago and it has already been consigned to memory. I just want to do it all over again. Every single, precious moment of it.

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  1. What a beautiful and reflective post, Birdy! You looked like a dream on your wedding day, the true definition of a blushing bride, and you’ve definitely relieved some of my fears that the day will be a blur or I won’t get to enjoy any of it. We’re also planning on walking in together, so I’m happy you gave that such rave reviews, too! Your veil is stunning, and so is your dress, and your new husband ain’t bad either! Will you share more about Arthur’s poem? That’s such a unique and wonderful thing to include. J’s friend happens to be a published poet, and I’d love for him to do a reading, so it will absolutely seem like I’m stealing all your ideas when it comes time to plan my own. Those heels of yours are fab, and you have to be quite the fox to pull them off. Oh, more details please!! I’m a mushy gushy mess today anyway, but this made me well up! You’re such a good story-teller. Hope you’ve been enjoying the honeymoon period these last few days. xoxo
    Erin recently posted..Eleven Years Later, pt. 2My Profile

  2. Congratulations again my lovely, you seem to have had an amazing day, here’s to hoping the future brings you many more days where you feel the same amazement xxx
    Suzzy recently posted..PortfolioMy Profile

  3. Aww, I remember when you told me you’d got engaged. You look lovely, glad you had an amazing day. Emma (from the old AXA days!) x

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  5. Oh, moving beyond words, this post. I’m tear-filled, reading it. So, so happy for you and so happy that you got it “right” and just the way you wanted. Every moment sounds just perfect and so beautifully you. I adore Harvest Moon…Neel’s going to be thrilled when he hears it was part of your day. It makes me want to do it all over again!

    I’ve said over and over again that getting married was the best thing I ever did. I’m a firm believer in the institution. Neel and I lived together for a number of years before we got married, and like you, I wondered if the we wedding part would just be the party we’d throw for everybody. It’s more than that isn’t it. It’s the start of something wonderful. I can tell you, looking back from nearly 20 years in, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe I should! Same guy, though!

  6. Wow wow WOW! What a lovely post about your day. It sounds amazing and perfect, I’m so happy for you! I didn’t expect to feel different after I got married because we were living together beforehand. But, as you so eloquently put, you feel like you’re living one joint life and it’s such a nice feeling being part of a little team!

    Huge congratulations to you both,
    Louisa xx
    Louisa Blackmore recently posted..BlogTourNYC || Sponsor Profile: Silestone by CosentinoMy Profile

  7. So lovely to hear the story of your wedding day – it sounds wonderful and the pictures look gorgeous too. I love the idea of you walking up the aisle together – start as you mean to go on!

    Congratulations and all the very best for your future together.

    Sian x

    • You are indeed a very very lucky man Mr Birdington!!

      Mrs H – how sweet is that?!!!

      Long happy days to you both xxx

  8. Congratulations Annie, the day sounded perfect. Your images really convey the happiness you describe. Thanks so much for giving a sneak peek of the dress on instagram. x

  9. You have had the best attitude about this from the day you announced it on the blog. I have followed along on Twitter & Instagram & admire you & Richard immensely. I’m so happy that you will remember your wedding like this…much love & good fortune & the best of health to you both. xoxo
    Susan recently posted..I Carry Your HeartMy Profile

  10. Hi Annabel,
    What a beautiful time you both had, described very well – I almost felt I was there with you both.
    I would like to wish you both the very best wishes and good luck for a long and happy time together. You are a beautiful person – both inside and out. I have tears in my eyes, as I wish you all the very best for a long and happy time together.
    Love Rose xx

  11. what a lovely memory you have created for yourselves! i love that you planned it all together… start as you mean to go on! & since the day i first heard ‘harvest moon’ it’s been a permanent fixture on my ‘if i ever got married’ playlist… just beautiful!
    sue recently posted..it feels like home to me…My Profile

  12. Oh, Annie, you looked absolutely beautiful, AND happy! What you beautifully describe above is how I still feel about my wedding day, even after eight years. I remember distinctly feeling that subtle shift in our relationship the day after the wedding. It was subtle, but profound. It was: I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine for always. Now let’s go do this! Happy beyond words for the two of you. xo
    PS~It was so incredibly fun to follow your special day through Sam’s Instagram. Thank you, Sam!
    Theresa recently posted..{moodboard / april}My Profile

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