About me

My name is Annabel and I am an interior designer. I live in North London.

Insideology is my personal record of the things I do, the places I go and the things I like. I write mostly about London, the English countryside, interior design and all manner of other things, usually with an aesthetic twist.

If you’d like to get in touch please email me.

You can also find me on instagram, Twitter, tumblr and Pinterest.


  1. Thought you might like a look at my 2011 Lighting Collection if you’re in Interior Design (see above website link). My partner does very funky floor and wall mosaics as well (I design them). I’ll send you a link for that when we’re up and running properly – only done a couple of small jobs so far but have a very large interior design network.



    • Esther it’s so nice to hear from. Have been meaning to get in touch as could see on FB you were doing something related. Yes please send me any links and I’m going to send you a FB message x

  2. has anyone mentioned lately how awesome you are? Loving your blog – helps keep in touch with you too :-) Keep it up Bella x

    • Ah that’s so sweet of you Pickles, really glad you like it. Feel free to write a guest post if you’d like! Xx

  3. Hello Annabel

    I like your profile picture. You look deep in thought but the candle behind you makes me wonder if you were at a romantic meal for two, or in the London Dungeon.

    London is great by the way. There always seem to be little mini-villages all over the place. Sometimes you turn a corner and it feels like you are in a different place entirely.

    • That’s funny, I’ve never noticed that candle before! It was taken at a work Christmas party in a previous life. The problem with villageness is choosing which one to live in as they’re all so interesting…

  4. hello Annabel
    I really like your all writings especially about the butlers wharf project. when i search for a homework about butlers wharf project, i found your blog and it helped me. i read other posts and feel like that i was there. i decided to write you for thanks :)


    • Thank you Didem that’s very sweet of you to say. Butler’s Wharf is incredibly difficult to find information for on the internet, it took me forever to find what I needed so I’m really glad that it’s helped someone. Good luck with your homework.

  5. oh what a small world… i followed abigail ahern’s link to your blog on her and then did a double take when i realised you’re one of the pia posse! haha… i saw you’re studying at klc… i finished my blended learning course last july, so let me know if i can be of any help… it’s a gruelling {but rewarding} course that one!

    • Ah how funny! It is a small world indeed. Or I’m just all over the internet. One of the two. I’m so envious of you doing the blended learning course, I would love to have done that. Just too expensive for me though. It is gruelling but as you say enormously rewarding. It’s just finding the time that is the biggest issue for me. Are you an interior designer now then?

  6. May I ask? You are in interior design course and using Copic markers. Can you suggest me what set of 72 colors should I bought for interior design and architecture. Thank you

    • Hello Angelos. I bought these ones: http://bit.ly/HVHJHR This set has all the warm and cool greys plus lots of mid tone colours and lots of browns for wood. They’ve had every colour I’ve needed so far. I’m going to be running a give away for some Letraset Tria Markers in the new couple of weeks so stay tuned for that.